Thursday, 24 December 2015

Meet the birds.. December 24th

Now I like to share my memorable moment, 
and my favourite bird,- 
the one responsible for making me all feathery-eyed,- 
Behold The Coot!

For that we have to go across the pond. Although you do get them some places in Oslo, this is, for me, a true Londoner. 
I met and grew to love this angry, feisty breed there. They are funny looking, and quite aggressive, but I love them. 
One has to respect the coot, who will manke a nest on an anchor attached to a house boat in the docklands of London year after year. Or the anchor of the floating Chinese restaurant. 
I have never seen more fuss over the placement of a single stick in a nest. I watched for 20mins, and still it wasn't done.. ONE stick!

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